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Payroll or outsourcing payroll is used more and more in companies around the world. Too many companies do not think it is out of ignorance, but once they prove it, it becomes indispensable.

The company chooses to outsource salary with a professional company. Payroll outsourcing or payroll management is a solution that ensures accurate calculations and allows professionals in the talent field to spend more time managing more relevant and strategic aspects, such as productivity, motivation, commitment, loyalty to human capital, and employer brand building.


Payroll Voice provides payroll solutions to meet your business needs and reduce costly errors. We allow you to spend time doing what you can do better, namely the company’s operation.

No more payroll worries!

Leave its payroll tasks to us. You can save money and sue problems for free. It already has one, tens, or hundreds of personnel, and we will process its payroll in an efficient and precise manner.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

The advantages of implementing methods and procedures to improve the quality of wage payment are:

Time and Cost Savings:

The owners and managers of a company are responsible for making the business’s production and profitability optimal. Delegating the management of payrolls and other tasks related to our specialists’ work field allows us to focus on productive tasks, so thieving time and costs are remarkable since its implementation.

Accuracy and Compliance:

No company should afford to make mistakes regarding payroll payments, social insurance, and employee tax returns. In this sense, putting trust in our qualified professionals who know all the details of the process brings certainty and prosperity to any business. Improves the business climate

Improves the Business Climate:

Employees expect to receive their salaries and bonuses on time and without mistakes at all times. Ensuring that this is complied with significantly affects employee confidence and motivation.

About Us

We are a Canadian specialist payroll company with more than 15 years of experience that remains in constant innovation in the search for efficiency and transformation of its internal processes, achieving warm and lasting connections with our clients making us a fundamental part of their work teams.


We know that when it comes to payroll services, there is not a single rule for everyone. That’s why we offer you the following three custom payroll process options.

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