Our Solutions

We know that when it comes to payroll services, there is not a single rule for everyone. That’s why we offer you the following three custom payroll process options.

Let Payroll Voice handle all payroll processing for you. Some of the solutions we provide to our customers are:

● Payroll processing and calculation under all national systems
● Calculation of taxes, social insurance, pensions, and other statutory deductions
● Electronic salary is paid directly to employees
● Ensure continuous and year-end compliance with income requirements
● Regularly update essential dates related to salary
● Coordinate cross-jurisdictional payroll with the local
● Appropriate salary reports and analysis in various formats
● Respond promptly to all inquiries and keep them completely confidential
● Manage monthly and annual reports
● Financial/tax inspections and chartered auditors who handle account books and registers
● Book payroll accounting according to current legal requirements
● Prepare information that meets accounting requirements
● Can use our online settlement system

We understand the challenges of providing compensation to employees under different unions and have expertise in many industries. Please contact us for further information.

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